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The Social Media Pessimist: YouTube Comments

Wed11.14.12 0

I attribute 93% of the world’s problems straight to YouTube comments from horrible people who are allowed to make accounts on YouTube.

Yeah, I said it. I have a theory that racism is still as prevalent as it is specifically because of YouTube. There will be a video about kittens, or a turtle hatching from an egg, or two friends jumping on a trampoline — pretty much anything harmless — and the string of comments will be some of the most awful content you’ve ever seen on the internet.

“Go back to the country you came from!”

Are you KIDDING me right now? There are so many controversial people in this world who have made it their life goal to hate anyone and anything that isn’t themselves. It’s sad, and it’s true, and unfortunately, despite the awesome platform that YouTube is, they’re allowed to write whatever they want to hurt someone else’s feelings.


Well, I have thick skin. And I’ve never really gotten down on myself from cruel comments. Personally, I thrive off of them. And more importantly, I laugh at them. I laugh at people who have nothing better to do than pin others down. And I also laugh at them, because honestly, picturing them in their underwear eating Cheerios at 3 a.m. with no one to love them is the best comeback as is. Poor guy. Maybe life will pick up soon for you. Yeah, who am I kidding, it won’t.

But at least those people have a forum to vent on, as opposed to causing physical damage to someone or something else. So, actually, go ahead with your comments, if it keeps you in your house and away from me.

Do you hate YouTube comments? What’s the most ridiculous one you’ve ever seen posted?

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